Why Dekton Ukiyo is a Game-Changer for Modern Interior Design

dekton ukiyo
Dekton Ukiyo Collection

The Dekton Ukiyo collection, a collaboration between Cosentino and renowned designer Claudia Afshar, is making waves in the world of modern interior design. This new collection features innovative fluted tiles that combine aesthetic appeal with practical benefits, making it a standout choice for contemporary spaces.

What is Dekton Ukiyo and What Makes It Unique?

claudia afshar
Claudia Afshar Designer Of Dekton Ukiyo

Dekton Ukiyo is inspired by Japanese and contemporary design principles, emphasizing minimalism and the concept of living in the moment, or “Ukiyo”​ (Cosentino)​​ (TileLetter)​. This collection introduces a textured, linear fluting that brings a fresh, tactile quality to any surface. The fluted design is available in two patterns, GV2 and GV3, which differ in the spacing and depth of the grooves, offering designers flexibility in achieving different visual effects​ (Cosentino)​.

How Does the Fluted Design Enhance Modern Interior Spaces?

fluted dekton
Fluted Dekton

The fluted design of Dekton Ukiyo tiles adds a distinct depth and dimension to spaces, creating a harmonious blend of geometric precision and smooth textures​ (Cosentino)​. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to the tactile experience, making surfaces inviting and engaging. The collection’s design is meant to evoke a sense of calm and wellness, aligning perfectly with the contemporary trend of creating serene and balanced environments​ (TileLetter)​.

Practical Benefits of Using Dekton Ukiyo in Design Projects

fluted dekton
Dekton Ukiyo in Shower

Dekton Ukiyo tiles are not just about aesthetics; they also offer significant practical benefits. These tiles are designed for vertical applications, such as cladding for facades, fireplaces, and even custom furniture. They come in large tile sizes (17.7 inches by 118 inches), making installation efficient and seamless​ (Cosentino)​​ (TileLetter)​. Additionally, Dekton products are known for their durability, resistance to UV rays, scratches, stains, and thermal shock, ensuring that surfaces maintain their beauty and functionality over time​ (Dezeen)​.

Versatility in Different Spaces

ukiyo dekton
Dekton Ukiyo on Kitchen Island

Dekton Ukiyo’s versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of spaces. From residential interiors like kitchens and bathrooms to commercial applications such as office lobbies and hospitality environments, these tiles provide a sophisticated and durable solution. The collection includes five colorways—Bromo, Kreta, Nacre, Umber, and Rem—each offering unique shades and textures that can complement various design styles​ (TileLetter)​.

Insights from Industry Professionals

claudia afshar
Claudia Afshar

Claudia Afshar, the designer behind Dekton Ukiyo, emphasizes the importance of texture in design. She draws inspiration from natural materials, aiming to create spaces that are comfortable, warm, and authentic​ (TileLetter)​. Industry professionals have praised the collection for its innovative approach and the way it integrates contemporary aesthetics with practical functionality, making it a favored choice among designers seeking to push the boundaries of modern interior design​ (Cosentino)​​ (Dezeen)​.


The Dekton Ukiyo collection by Cosentino and Claudia Afshar is a testament to how innovative design can transform modern interiors. Its unique fluted textures, combined with practical benefits and versatile applications, make it a game-changer in the field of interior design. Whether used in residential or commercial projects, Dekton Ukiyo offers a harmonious blend of beauty, durability, and functionality that is set to inspire designers and homeowners alike.

If you’re looking to incorporate Dekton Ukiyo in your next project fill out our concierge form here so we can help with your design & supplying your fluted Dekton materials.

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