Modern Shaker Style Cabinets

Buyers Guide, Colors & Pricing

If you're looking to update your kitchen with advanced technology & features while keeping a classic, timeless look, then modern shaker style cabinets are the perfect solution for your project. In this post you'll discover color options, features and a pricing guide for modern shaker cabinets to help you along the way. 

First things first, let's dive into what makes a shaker cabinet "modern". 

What is a "modern shaker style cabinet" anyways? 

The differences between a traditional shaker cabinet and a modern shaker cabinet are small in our world, but they created a world of difference in the look of your kitchen. 

First, modern shaker cabinets are made with a "frameless" carcass. This means that there isn't a "face frame" on the front of the cabinet, which leaves large reveals in between doors and drawers (this is what gives the traditional shaker its signature look). 

frameless cabinets kitchen

"modern shaker style cabinets utilize frameless cabinet construction..."

Second, modern frameless cabinets has minimal sight lights and very tight reveals (2mm or 1/16"). This creates a modern, streamlined look while maintaining the classic style of the shaker door.

With the frameless construction, minimal sight lines and tight reveals you'll create a stunning kitchen that is easier to keep clean and adjust over years of use. 

modern shaker style cabinets

Thirdly, modern shaker style cabinets utilize full extension drawers with metal drawer boxes from BLUM. These drawers are the smoothest drawers on the market and look stunning in a modern cabinets

They are backed by a 25 year warranty and allow for easy integration of accessories or organization elements to create the perfect bespoke kitchen for you and your family/guests. 

modern shaker style cabinet drawers

"modern shaker style drawers are full extension and soft closing, maximizing both space and luxury in one single element..."

Lastly, one of the more noticeable elements with modern shaker style cabinets is the use of soft close hinges & door lifts. BLUM's soft close hinges with Blumotion Technology allow for an amazing kitchen experience. 

You can live, breathe and cook in your kitchen without the worry of ever hearing a door slam again.

"the soft close hinges found on modern shaker style cabinets are a game changer when you have children. Imagine not waking a sleeping baby no matter how hard you close your doors..."

The 25 year warranty on the drawers is the same for the soft close hinges. You're buying a lifetime kitchen with lifetime enjoyment. 

modern shaker style cabinets

Modern Thin Shaker Cabinets: The Evolution Of The Transitional Kitchen

Want to lean a little more "modern" in your kitchen design while maintaining a hint of classic design? Then look no further than modern thin shaker cabinets. 

Modern thin shaker cabinets have all of the hardware elements above, but the doors and drawer fronts have a much thinner rail than the regular shaker above.

"modern thin shaker cabinets are the perfect transition into a more modern, less classic style of kitchen..."

One of the primary benefits of these cabinets is their ability to create a sense of spaciousness and uncluttered elegance in any kitchen. This is especially valuable in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.

The simplicity of modern thin shaker cabinets lends itself to versatility in design. They can seamlessly blend with various interior styles, from modern to traditional, allowing homeowners to personalize their space without the cabinets becoming an overpowering element.

"modern thin shaker cabinets are a desirable choice for those looking to update their kitchen with a blend of classic style and contemporary efficiency..."

modern thin shaker cabinets

Colors For Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Modern shaker kitchen cabinets have evolved to incorporate a wide array of colors that cater to contemporary tastes and interior design trends.

This allows for greater versatility and personalization in kitchen design, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking to create a space that reflects their style.

"the beauty of modern shaker style cabinets lies in their versatility..."

One of the most notable trends is the shift towards neutral and earthy tones. Colors like soft gray, warm beige, and various shades of white dominate the palette, providing a serene and calming backdrop that complements a wide range of décor styles.

These neutral hues are particularly effective in creating a bright and airy feel in the kitchen, making the space appear larger and more inviting.

Another emerging trend is the use of pastel colors, such as soft blues, greens, and pinks. These lighter, more playful hues can infuse a sense of whimsy and brightness into the kitchen, perfect for creating a cheerful and welcoming space.

In addition to solid colors, there is a growing interest in cabinets with a natural wood finish or those that incorporate wood elements. The warmth and texture of wood can bring a cozy, organic feel to the kitchen, blending beautifully with the shaker style's simple and unpretentious design.

Below you'll find colors in our current catalog for modern shaker style cabinets. You'll also see our newest collection of modern think shaker cabinets with wood finishes. 

modern shaker cabinets
modern shaker cabinet doors
modern shaker cabinet
modern kitchen with shaker cabinets
modern shaker kitchen cabinets

Modern Thin Shaker Cabinets: Colors

modern slim shaker cabinets

How Much Do Modern Shaker Style Cabinets Cost? 

Modern shaker cabinets are by far more expensive than their face frame counter parts. And if you're comparing high quality vs cheap Chinese products, you'll quickly see that the price is substantially higher than anything coming out of China. 

First, let's discuss base cabinets: 

Base Cabinets: $350-$750lft+

Base cabinets, like tall cabinets, have a significant price range. It comes from the combinations and configurations available for a modern shaker style cabinet. 

Do you want a 48" cabinet with doors and an adjustable shelf? That's on the lower end. 

Do you want a 48" cabinet with 5 drawers? That's on the higher end. 

LFT (linear foot) pricing is often given as a single number for pricing from local cabinet shops, but when you're considering all of the options available for a modern shaker kitchen you can easily see that understanding the range will give you a far more accurate price point. 

The range is above was created from our least expensive 48" cabinet in our catalog, to the most expensive 48" cabinet in our catalog, all from our Price Group #5 (we have 8+). 

Wall Cabinets: $136-$830lft +

Wall cabinets have a drastic range when it comes to options and pricing. 

Wall cabinets can be a normal single door cabinet or can be a bi-fold horizontal lift door with electronic push-to-open technology. The sky's the limit. 

This range is from the smallest wall cabinet in our catalog to the largest 39" wide cabinet in our catalog, all within Price Group 5. 

Tall Cabinets: $870-$3,600lft +

Tall cabinets is where things can get a bit more expensive. 

Wants a standard tall cabinet with only adjustable shelves? 

Or do you want an $30,000 8 foot wide pocket door system that hides appliances, other cabinets, etc? 

Tall cabinets are the most expensive option when it comes to modern shaker cabinet styles.

"being transparent with your designer on what your budget ACTUALLY IS will guide your design process. If your budget is $30k for your kitchen cabinets, we're not going to recommend a $30k pocket door system, no matter how bad you want it..."

F.A.Q For Modern Shaker Style Cabinets

Are shaker cabinets still in style? 

Shaker cabinets are timeless. I can't think of a case when they'll never be in style. 

Can shaker cabinet look modern? 

Yes! Shaker cabinets can look more modern if they're made with frameless construction. You can also add more of a modern flare by combining a shaker style door with slab accent doors throughout your kitchen. 

What style goes with shaker cabinets? 

Modern shaker cabinets can go with many styles: traditional, transitional, modern, rustic, industrial, japandi, etc. It's not about the "shaker" as it is more about the overall color palette of the style, and what you choose as a color/finish for your shaker cabinets. 

How do you make a shaker kitchen look modern? 

Frameless cabinet construction, Silestone or Dekton countertops, integrated appliances, solid backsplash and large format tile floors are a few things that can help you make a shaker kitchen look more modern. 

What is the difference between shaker and modern shaker? 

The biggest difference between traditional shaker vs modern shaker cabinets is that traditional shaker cabinets are made with a face frame, whereas modern shaker style cabinets are made with a frameless construction method. This latter is what people call "euro-style". 

Are shaker cabinets high end? 

It depends... The builder grade shaker cabinets that go into track homes are junk. If you were to buy a German kitchen with a shaker style door, that would be considered high end due to the construction method, the advanced technology, the hardware and the 7-9 layers of paint on the door. This is something you typically won't find at your local cabinet shop here in the US. If the warranty is under 5 years, it's not high end.