Is A German Kitchen A Good Fit For Your Project?

German kitchens are known for their precision, ergonomics, customization, and quality…

But is it right for you?

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Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first, the cost…

1. Value Vs Budget

In the market of cabinetry, German kitchens are known for being a premium product with a premium price point. These are not your “off the shelf” cabinets from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Nor are they the builder grade, paint grade cabinets that most of the new track home builders install…

German kitchens are built to last, with technology & finishes that are designed to impress you and your guests/buyers/clients/etc for years to come. The lifetime warranty alone speaks volumes on the massive difference between a German kitchen and kitchens from anywhere else. (ask your builder about a lifetime warranty on the cabinets they just installed and they’ll probably give you a look of confusion).

With all of that said, the price point of a German kitchen does disqualify many folks from having one installed. You can have a budget that truly doesn’t align (we might have a solution for this) with the premium price point, or…

You simply refuse to make the investment…

Either way, it’s fine with us. Our job isn’t to convince you to purchase anything. Our job is find out if there’s a match between what we offer and what you want to spend. Simple…

Want to know what a German kitchen could cost for your home? Get your free Estimated Cost Report here

2. European Design (Frameless Cabinets)

German kitchens feature what is know in the US as “European design”…

This simply means German kitchens are constructed exclusively with frameless cabinetry. This gives them the “modern kitchen cabinet” look that is gaining so much traction on this side of the globe.

Along with the frameless construction, German kitchens have many options for front finishes.

Let’s discuss the door/drawer fronts:

Slab: Slab doors and drawers are exactly how they sound. They’re the flat, sleek, modern looking doors that a Euro kitchen is know for.

Shaker: Shaker doors and drawer fronts give a classic look to a highly sophisticated cabinet system. Some interior designers would call this a transitional look; modern cabinet guts, classic faces. If you’re home doesn’t warrant and ultra modern home this is a great option for you.

Slim Shakers: Slim shakers feature a very thin rain vs the traditional 2.5″ rail on a normal shaker. Slim shaker doors provide an elegant modern look while ever so slightly holding onto remnants of traditional style.

Baulux: Baulux finishing are an exclusive collection of veneers including real wood, marble, and Dekton by Cosentino. Baulux has over 5,000 options and finishes to choose from and it allows you space to create a kitchen that is just as unique as you are. Baulux finishes are on the higher end of pricing, but the finished look is worth every penny.

3. Why You MUST Visit A German Kitchen Showroom

Don’t be fooled by the online retailers offering “German Kitchens with No Markup”. The fact that they’re running ads and have a staff of designers is proof that they DO in fact have markup.

It’s funny…

But these online dealers don’t allow you to experience the fullness of a German kitchen. Sure, they’ll ship you door samples. But they’ll never ship you cabinet samples that allow you to experience the soft close drawers or the electronic lifts.

They’ll never be able to ship you samples of integrated lighting or panel ready appliances. They appeal to the people looking for a deal (I’ll explain this away in a moment). If you find “cheap German kitchens” anywhere, it’s a red flag.

In all honesty, they’re trying to tell you that they don’t have “markup that comes with purchasing a German kitchen from a showroom”. And although that may be true, the numbers don’t make sense.

We’ve comped a few of these companies and quickly discovered that their pricing was either comparable to SLIGHTLY less than that of a German kitchen coming from a showroom. All in all, the price is still a premium (what I described in item 1 above), especially with them needing to cover the tens of thousands of dollars of advertising dollars they’re spending on Google and Facebook.

Before you make the investment in a German kitchen you owe it to yourself to visit a showroom to experience everything there is to offer. This will help you, again, truly determine is you + German kitchen = a good fit.

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