The BT45 Reflection kitchen is a minimalist chef's kitchen design with Asian influences.‎ This kitchen was designed for a Michelin starred professional chef who loves to host small VIP tastings in his home.‎ The effortlessly clean lines of the stone frame follow the ideal shape of the island.‎

The island is designed to comfortably accommodate 7-8 guests around the acting chef.‎ The designer chose marble-looking Dekton for the island top and door fronts.‎ This durable material allows the chef to cut, chop and burn food right on the countertop.‎ Individual gas burners are built into the stone and positioned in the most desirable way.‎

The storage on the back is meant to give the illusion of a decorative wall with a marble picture frame on it.‎ All appliances and the sink are hidden when the kitchen is closed.‎ The open layout of the kitchen and living room requires the elimination of optical pollution and unnecessary unnecessary details.‎